To the local Hag

Adam looked around. He spied some vines on a nearby tree. He gathered them up, tied up the young man, including one in his mouth to gag him some, and hoisted him over his shoulder. "We must hurry. If you an apothecary, priest, or witch who might aid in his care or at least diagnosis - lead me there quickly!"

Iva nodded her head, "The village elder is not far from here." Iva quickly lead Adam out of the woods and towards a shack off from the village, Wiccan symbols of protection surrounding the place. Iva knocked on the door, an old woman cracked the door, "What is it now?"

"Tye is sick, we brought him to see if you could help." The crone poked her head out, once she saw the bounded man, her eyes became slightly wide, "You leave that boy back where you found him, now!" She slammed the door in front of them, "Now leave!"


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