Egon smirked as he put an arm over the man's shoulder, "Possible bandits, maybe a war band. The giant catch is we have no clear idea what is going on in this place, most of the men I've brought her have gotten nothing of real importance." He shrugged for a moment, "So, you in or do I have to cut you down like a dog?"

Phillipe winced as he was being threatened by the big scary man. It was obvious he was not going to get a say or choice in the matter if he wanted to continue his days of living. He was concerned what part he was going to play since he was not a warrior nor much of a fighter. He was scared as he looked at Egon and asked a simple question.

Phillipe: I see....... So I am assuming you have some form of plan that doesn't involve me fighting? I lack talent combat you see so please don't get angry if I try to avoid it.

Phillipe was hoping his other talents would be used since he barely knew how to scavenge for food in the forest, much less fighting a bandit.


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