A plague

Adam desired nothing but to kick in the door and force the crone to help but thought some tact might be better. "Madam," he called, "I've come with men at the behest of the Emperor to help rid this village of whatever malady afflicts it. Please, I beseech thee, help us. If the man is beyond saving, explain to me why? We need to know more about what we are facing if we are to protect the people of this village?!"

Tabea cackled, "The Emperor's god has abandoned this accursed land, that lad will join the other accursed souls by nightfall, do yourself a favor, and cut his head off before it's too late. Now leave me be!"

Iva looked shocked, "She never would never deny to help unless it's serious.... Perhaps we should take him back to the church instead?" Adam could hear Tabea locking her door, making sure that not even he could kick it down.

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