A Little Caper

Egon chuckled, "Oh no, there will be no fighting. More like asking people questions, and fortifying places, nothing more. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be at least prepared for a fight." He helped Phillipe from his seat, "However, I don't think you have anything to worry about, perhaps you can do something for me, steal something perhaps?" A twinkle of mischief appeared in his eye.

Phillipe was a bit taken back by Egon's request to dig for information instead of fighting. In all honesty it was well within his wheel house of skills since he usually cased out a place before stealing anything. He found it amusing how loose lipped people were when it came to keeping secrets. Some even outright boasted of their secrets and dared to challenge others to test their luck. Phillipe had made his career in winning those challenges. To add insult to injury he even had even escaped several prisons who managed to captured him while he was boasting of his deeds.

Then Phillipe was very shocked to hear the last request from Egon. Egon wanted him to steal something for him. This was too good to be true since it would put Egon in a bad spot if he failed. Phillipe ran the possible options in his head as he asked Egon for clarification.

Phillipe: Oh how Avant Gard of you my good sir. Your situation must rather dire if you are requesting my services.

Phillip tried to gauge Egon's reaction to see the seriousness of the object.

Phillipe: So what does this caper involve?


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