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Summary: "I have one mission, to take down and bring in all these damn Freak Super Humans."

Capt. Max Alpha

Gender: Male

Age: Late 30's maybe?

Group: Human ( government official)


Top Secret

Job/Skill or ability

A soldier and a hunter, bred from childhood in a secret military complex Max is skilled in various forms of hand to hand combat, critical thinking, vast knowledge of weaponry and survival tactics.


Captain and Squad leader as well as under cover solo operative. A man above all branches of the government who works from the shadows. Currently a secret operative known only as a "Class A Hunter." A member of an elite group of soldiers with the mission to capture and bring in super humans.

Physical Appearance

Just above 6 ft tall, Max's appearance and physical posture seems to make him stand taller than any man he is next. He strength trains regularly to keep his body in peak battle performance. Even though he is in his late 30's, he looks to be much younger.

Personality and interests

Max is quiet and to himself, does not speak until spoken to. Due to his training and military conditioning, his target and missions are all he focuses on. He has had very little casual social interaction in his life so he can seem a bit awkward in public. When not on missions he retreats to the solitude of a small compound hidden deep inside the Alaskan wilderness.


Max only can remember being a small child when he was brought to the facility where he began his training. Growing up he learned everything in a small group of other kids who competed with each other for the #1 spot. In his teens he adopted the name Max Alpha the unstoppable because he would not retreat from any task and pushing himself until the missions were accomplished. It was this time that he learned that his parents and family had been annihilated by a superhuman and that it was now his responsibility to bring into the government any or all super human beings. This has become his one goal, to hunt and capture all super humans.

Favourite Sayings

"Let's bring this freak down!"

Favourite food

Wild game caught and hunt by himself.

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Image of Capt. Max Alpha
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