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Summary: One tough girl that does not stop.

Piritta Mirja Toivonen

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Super human (fugitive)



Job/Skill or ability

Enhanced sisu- supernatural stamina, tolerance to intense cold and pain.
(Piritta is weak to heat) Enhanced strength.
Speaks Finnish, English, some Swedish.


Not a high priority but still wanted by the government

Physical Appearance

5'3" tall, 120 pounds.
Blue eyes, black hair, light brown skin and freckles.
Her right ear is crooked from being reattached though her hair covers the scars pretty well, several other scars on her body.

Personality and interests

She gives the impression of being aloof because she is quiet. Piritta is persitant, stubborn, when she gets her mind set on something she does not stop. A lot of courage.

Piritta loves nature and the outdoors.


Piritta had an American mother and Finnish father, she was born in Helsinki Finland. When she was around 12 she and her family moved to the USA.
Exactly when Piritta's powers were activated is unknown, she had always been a lover of winter and was stoic, but they certainly were working the day of the car crash that killed her parents. They were driving home from her maternal grandmother's after Christmas into a blizzard when they crashed. The shock alone should have killed her, but when Piritta couldn't wake her parents or get their cell phones to work she walked the five miles in the snow to the closest gas station with a couple metal bits from the car still stuck in her, broken ribs, a broken arm, a concussion, her ear hanging off her head and missing a lot of blood. An ambulance could not reach the gas station for hours due to the storm, and it was nearly a day later before her parents' car and bodies were recovered. At first a local paper reported her trek as a miracle, a retraction stated that a good samaritan must have given her a ride and she forgot due to trauma. Of course the government suspected what Piritta was.
Piritta stayed with her maternal grandparents for a little while before going on the run.

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Favourite Sayings


Yeah, that hurts like hell. I'm gonna shove this car off my foot now.

Favourite food

Salmiakki. Chocolate. Fish and chips.

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Image of Piritta Mirja Toivonen
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