Into the Blackness

The conscious girl didn't say anything, but answered his question in a different way. He watched the curls on her head start to rise and a signature of static started to form around her body as her hand raised in the air.
Yeah, he thought to himself. She was definitely a super human.

The bolt of lightning shot towards him from the girls palm. He didn't have the time to respond properly and braced for impact. He saw the bolt bounce around the cavern and then shoot behind him further back into the mine illuminating the walls as it travelled.

Max wasn't prepared to capture two super humans on this mission, Especially an electrical manipulator such as this new girl. He decided the best thing to do would be to back away and travel further into the darkness of the mine. Let them think he ran away, but stay close behind. He would call into HQ and ask for another team more prepared with static grounding suits and harnesses.

He heard the girl say something as he disappeared down the corridor into the blackness.

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