She Just Wants To Help

(OOC: Sorry. I have been waiting to see if Lily will respond first. I hope she is doing well.)

Evie tries to keep Astra awake, but the girl is unmoving again Whatever the man gave her before is having quite an effect on her. Biting at her bottom lip, the lightning user gently pulls the unconscious girl aside and hides her against one of the rock formations. She is unaware that this is hiding the girl from Max, but her biggest concern is waiting to see if Astra will wake.

This is when she hears the growl and her head shoots up. Glancing around, she stands and heads further into the cave. There is the flash of a light and she stops in her tracks, hands shaking as she contemplates what to do next.

Whatever is in the cave is not the man who shot Astra earlier. This is something else...

She worries that if she lets herself be known it will mean a tranquilizer to the gut, but the part of her that always wants to help pushes her to take another step. "Hello?" He voice comes out as a whisper, hoping that whatever is further in the cave does not hear her.

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