The moment the creature turns its attention to her, Evie's mind begins to go through many scenarios. She needs to do something, keep the other girl safe from this things. What does she have at her disposal, though?

Going through the list she realizes all that is useful are her camera with its flash, a pen she often uses for writing, her limbs, and her lightning. Wait, no, scratch the last part. She's already used the one dosage of lightning her body can must. If she tries again, she risks passing out.

The creature is getting closer, though, and Evie has very few options.

The electrical current slowly building along her skin causes every hair to stand on end.

Suddenly, though, her back is on the cave floor and pain is shooting through her left shoulder. A scream erupts from her, legs kicking out as panic begins its inevitable journey toward her mind. Grabbing at its face and jaws in any manner seems to be moot since all this thing does is bite harder.

A whimper later she is surging a fresh current lightning throughout her alreadybexhausted body. "Stop it!" She screams and slaps a hand square onto the side of its face. The strange creature seems to freeze for a moment as electricity shoots through it at an impossibly fast rate.

And then it explodes atop her. Blood and viscera splatter all over, coating the girl's silver-white hair in a dark red. Evie knows she should be freaking out and getting to her feet for a new run, but her body is suffering exhaustion and her mind feels very heavy. It is like being held underwater and she cannot make sense of any new sounds or images.

"You..." She moans in confusion. "You okay?"

It takes all of her willpower not to pass out as she tries to sit up.

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