Out of The Lake

(OOC: I'm not sure if I should wait for Lily, so if she needs me to change anything, I hope she lets me know. I don't mind.)

Evie first hears the yell and turns her gaze to spot Max rushing at them. Quickly getting out of the water, she grabs up her bag, pulling out an oversized shirt. Putting the shirt on because she really does not wish to use her bloody clothes, she gives the man enough time to reach them.

Upon his arrival, the three beasts splash into the water. Looking to her bloody garments, she kicks them to the edge of the lake where they lay as a good distraction for any predator.

"Come on," Evie says as she shoulders her backpack. "We should run!"

Grabbing both Astra's and Max's hand, she pulls them both away from the lake.

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