No Communication Device?

(OOC: I have played in the past with Lily, she is pretty flexible and a great story writer. I also know how real life can get in the way sometimes of a fun game, so if it's okay maybe we can move along and keep her with us until she can make it back on?)

Max looked back at the creatures and his adrenaline caused him to jump out and fall in the knee deep water directly before the girls. Grabbing his injured shoulder in pain he is surprised to see the newer girl hold her hand out to him. Did she know what he was trying to do back there with the other girl? Was this some sort of trick to fill his body with electricity?

Suddenly, the noise of splashes and growls stirred him from his thought. He let go of his shoulder and reached up to grab the girls welcoming hand.

"Thank you," he managed to say in a raspy voice. Still suffering from the pain of his injury he allowed her to pull him onto the shore. Looking at the other girl he could see she was still not 100% over the tranquilizer he had pumped into her.

"I don't know how much of help I am going to be, I dropped my rifle while I was running." He reached back over to his shoulder and swore out loud. "Damn IT!, my comm device must have been swallowed by that hell spawn back there when I was bit! I am not going to be able to call for help." He trailed off at the last part of his sentence as he thought about what he was saying, "Then again, the kind of help I could call in may not be the best help for you and the shapeshifter here."

GRROWOOOO! the creatures yelled as they splashed through the water towards the party. He suddenly came up with a plan and shouted over the noise, "Electric Girl! Can you shoot a lightning bolt or whatever you do through the water at those bastards?"

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