The Dance of Light and Pain

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Evie is taken aback by Max's request for help from her of all people. Every part her screams that she should not attempt to help him by using her power, but this can be a chance for her. It can be a chance to prove to him that those with power are not the real monsters.

"Electric Girl! Can you shoot a lightning bolt or whatever you do through the water at those bastards?"

She takes his requests into consideration. If she uses her power a third time today, what would it do? Would the current damage her? Kill her? Would the lightning backlash onto Astra and Max?

These are questions only actions will answer.

So, without another word, she slips a hand into the water and sends that electrical current out with all the power of her will. Pain immediately shoots through her entire body and she is unaware of the nosebleed occurring from her actions. All she can think about is keeping these two strangers safe

The lightning, being an element even this human girl has no true control over, begins to dance and shoot in jagged patterns across the water. Steam rises as she soon hears a change in the roars of the monsters. The pain in their tone almost breaks heart, but she says nothing.

When all goes silent, Evie finally pulls her hand free and turns her gaze to Max. "Are you going to take us away now?" She asks, still unaware of her nosebleed and how shaky she is now. "If you plan to, just take me, please. Astra has done nothing wrong...she deserves freedom."

Now, all she can do is wait to see if this man would choose to do his job. He probably still believes she and Astra are freaks and should be condemned. A part of her knows what will happen if dragged in, if she and the shapeshifter are fed to the scientists. She fears there may be no future with Max because he is here to hunt them. What can she do to make sure he does not take them?

After all, if he pays attention to the curly hair girl, Max will recognize the scars developing along the skin of her left arm. It belongs to the hand she was dipping into the water just a minute ago.

Evie has officially pushed herself too far...

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