Scarring Questions.

Max watched the girl as she dipped her hand into the water. Quickly he looked at the shapeshifter girl and scooped her up quickly in his arms the best he could to step out of the water and onto the shoreline.
He watched in amazement as the blue electrical bolts lit up the water. He could see the Hellspawned creatures start to convulse and howl in pain. Electrical static illuminating around their bodies as the girls attack stopped their pursuit. It was clear to Max, he did not want to be on that side of the this girls attacks again.

A quiet came across the forest as Max watched the girl turn toward him, her body shaking from the expense of all that electricity. “Are you going to take us away now?" She asked him. Blood started to trickle down from out of her nose, a sign that she had pushed herself too far. He surprisedly admitted to himself that admired her for that.

“No,” explained Max, he set the shapeshifter down slowly and gently. It was obvious she was coming in and out of the sedative coma that the drug was known to do. “You helped save my life…”he nodded down toward the shapeshifter girl, “our lives, that kind of gives you a pass in my book….. for now.”

This has never happened in Max’s past, he was always about the mission and nothing distracted him from his duty. Except possibly now, these two “girls” did not seem to be a catastrophic threat to anyone and those creatures just may take priority over his current mission. Looking out on the lake he saw the lifeless husks of the creatures bodies floating on top of the water. A vulture bird landed on the back of one and began to pick away at the toasted carcass. That indicated to Max that the three were definitely safe, but were there more inside that mine? He still could not pinpoint exactly what they were.

“How are you feeling after that?” He noticed the girls hand that had scarring upward just above the wrist, “is that fresh scarring on your hand a result of using your power?” His adrenaline starting to wear off, he tried to adjust what remained from his uniform away from his shoulder to relieve a little of the discomfort.

(OOC: I hope you don’t mind, I enjoy this pace of the game so far. I usually will post a day or two later. I also want to give Lily a chance to hop on when she is able before we move the story along. It is her game after all. ) :)

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