Surprise In Her Eyes

Evie feels a great amount of discomfort as Max looks over her, take in the bleeding nose and her fresh scars. She is in a lot of pain, but keeps her mouth shut about it. If there is one thing she is good at, it is pretending to be fine when she is not.

“You helped save my life…”he nodded down toward the shapeshifter girl, “our lives, that kind of gives you a pass in my book….. for now.”

Her frown deepens at this statement and she is tempted to grab up Astra and run. "For now?" She inquires. "Right, you are here to hunt us...freaks." There is venom in the last word she speaks. For years she has been enduring ridicule and keeps running from both men and women that attempt to capture her, all calling her a freak.

“How are you feeling after that?” He noticed the girls hand that had scarring upward just above the wrist, “is that fresh scarring on your hand a result of using your power?”

The question comes to her ears as a surprise. No one ever really asks about her power because they fear its wrath. But, no one ever tries to help her either. Astra's kindness still surprises her. Why is anyone willing to help her? She can easily lose all control and just blast an entire place away.

But she does not.

After a moment, Evie finally nods. "Yes, I...I overexerted myself. Usually, I only use my power once a day, but today I used it three times. My body is taking damage from it." She explains and meets Max's gaze. "Why do you care, though? You hunt us...want us all gone. Right?"

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