First Aid Break

Max looked down at the girl who was sitting at the base of the tree, starting to come out of her tranquilizer induced sleep. "That may happen occasionally." he explained to her. "You may go in and out a little while. It's designed to incapacitate a target and make them more subjective for transportation reasons. Give it some time you will wake completely from it."

Max looked around and took in their surroundings. He used all his senses, searching for any sign that more of those creatures were stalking them. He motioned and spoke to Evie and made a suggestion.

"Why don't you come off the beach, it would be better to be out of sight. In case a helicopter flew by and saw you from the sky. These trees would be better cover."

He sank down and sat below the tree next to Astra and reached into a tactical pouch on his belt. He removed what looked like some first aid supplies and started to tend to his wounds.

"By the way, my name is Max. Captain Max Alpha. I'd tell you more, but it's a little top secret." he reached out his good arm in a hand shake gesture to Evie, but then thought about it again and pulled it back. "I'm not looking to bring you in, you are a very impressive individual and it is my orders but," He stared off into the lake towards the dead creatures floating in the water. "Those things over there, well anyway...I feel like they kind of take priority over my current orders to bring you two in."

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