Horrors On Mind

Evie goes over to Astra and crouches by her side, taking stock of the shapeahifter to make sure she has no injuries. "I know you're tired from his tranquilizer, but can you tell me your name?" For some odd reason, the lightning user feels a need to be motherly toward the girl. Perhaps it is worry? She is unsure of what the answer is.

Turning her attention to Max, Evie only feels a new frown forming on her face. "Is it really top secret when we know you're hunting us, sir?" She inquires, being polite even when peeved at a man that once had intentions to drag the girls to their own personal prison.

No, Evie knows it is more of a hell there. During her travels she's heard stories from others who lost their friends. There are few that escape, most barely clinging to life and speaking some insane nonsense

"I am thankful for the extra time we have," She finally says after a long moment of thought. "But what happens when they are no longer priority? Do you come for us again? Will you drag us there to face whatever cruelty they may have planned?" The fear is in her tone as she keeps herself between Astra and Max. "I've heard stories...seen how you treat those of us with powers. I once saw a man shoot one of us to death simply because the boy ran."

She cannot bring herself to speak of the other things she's seen. They are reminders that she has been lucky so far.

"We are not monsters." She finally states.

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