Always Going To Help

Evie listens to Max and Astra, but shakes her head silently. "I don't like using my power. I didn't ask for it..." She murmurs and shakes her head again.

When Max yells about his men, though, she rises to her feet and looks in the direction of the gunfire. "If I use my power again today, I could..." The rest of her words trail off as she thinks about the consequences. She is already showing signs of overexertion with the new scars.

If she uses her power again, she most likely will go into cardiac arrest or simply die of shock. The electricity flows throughout her entire body, after all.

She looks at Max and Astra, who are both gazing at each other and her. "I can try using one of the knives I carry, but that's it. I don't know what those things are, but they obviously dislike humans, powers or not" She explains and grabs up her backpack. Opening it, she fishes out an old army knife that looks as if it has some history about it.

"I don't think you can help your men, Mr. Alpha." Evie explains, looking over the man. "Astra and I can try to help them...if she is willing to help, that is." Her gaze falls to the shapeshifter. "I pray we can survive this."

With that, Evie heads toward the sounds.

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