Survival Knife

Max watched Evie with surprised admiration.

Here was a woman who didn't know if she could help, but was still heading into the melee to help out strangers in need. Strangers who started out wanting to capture her nonetheless.

"I appreciate the words," Max said as he pulled himself up to his feet. "I don't expect you to join me in a rescue mission, but if you come along I will ensure no harm comes to you or wolf girl over there." He watched as the groggy wolf balanced back up on her paws. "Shouldn't be much longer and the drug should wear off."

"I don't have any weapons, but my survival knife as well." He pulled an old army issued survival knife somewhat resembling the one Evie had displayed. "All I'm asking is for safe escort to my men then you can escape. I will tell my squad to look in the other direction." Max paused staring into the woods. "If there is any of my squad left to tell."

He joined Evie in walking towards the sounds of the fighting. He hoped that they could get there in time.

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