Ready to run again, but where?

It was difficult to find a landing spot for the Helicopter, but eventually Max Alpha was able to meet up with his squad of 4 soldiers. The 4 heavily equipped soldiers stood in a clearing waiting for his arrival.
"Captain Alpha," one of the soldiers said. " The target we believe headed in this direction and we believe it to have stopped and is in hiding."
Max turned his gaze to the edges of the forest, it was starting to get dark. He addressed his men.
"Soldier I want you and 2 others to travel in that direction look for any animal or wildlife tracks. Since the target is a shapeshifter we do not know what she," Max paused and thought about his words for a second than continued "or IT could possibly turn into next." Max turned to the two other soldiers and told them to head into the opposite direction. "Remember Alive," he instructed. "Head Quarters says ALIVE this time. No mistakes like the other event in Alabama. Understood?"
"Yes Sir!" the men answered and headed out into their assigned directions.

Inside the dank cave Astra sat concealing herself. She had heard every word due to the squad unknowingly being just outside the entrance. She felt terror wash away her exhaustion and felt ready to run again, but where?

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