The Gaping Maw

(OOC: I hope we don’t feel I am hijacking the game, I feel we are just playing this side story until Lily is able to lead. Lily feel free to let me know and we can transition into your vision of the game. :) )

Capt. Max Alpha watched Evie lunge on the back of the creature and began stabbing repeatedly. Underneath the creature Max saw his 2nd in commands life drain from his face. His blood pooling on the ground next to his body from multiple gashes and cuts.

Looking around and gathering intel of the chaotic situation he saw a total of 5 creatures, most dragging bodies of fallen soldiers back into the cave entrance. Then Evie caught his attention..

“Whoahhhh!” Evie had been on the back of the monster that had killed his friend and was holding on for dear life. Her grip on her knife lodged into the back of the creature which was bucking and running back and forth trying to shake her off.

Max reached on the ground nearby and picked up a rifle left by one of his men. He attempted to shoot at the beast, but with his shoulder injured as it was he only landed bullets into the cave walls and a tree before he dropped the useless gun.

He saw Evie swinging around the monsters back and could tell she probably couldn’t hold on much longer. He looked back down on the body of his 2nd in command and grabbed a small combustion grenade from his combat vest. Max yelled toward Evie hoping she heard him over the beasts roaring and screams.

“LET GO GIRL!” Max pulled the pin and lobbed the grenade with his good arm towards the roaring mouth of the beast. Aiming for inside the gaping maw of sharp teeth.

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