[OOC: Yes, Lily, this is your game. Is there any type story you want us to follow? I just go with whatever the owner of game usually does. Loving this game, by the way.]

Upon hearing Max yell, Evie looks up to see him throwing something round and familiar. With a twist and a jerk, she forces the creature to open its mouth just before hopping off and rolling to the side. Aches and pains riddle her body, but nothing is broken and she still holds her knife.

Scrambling away as far as possible, she barely avoids the explosion, but the sound is deafening. Dropping her knife and pressing both hands to her ears, Evie tries to deal with the horrible ringing in her ears. Blinking a few times, she turns back as viscera and blood start plopping down upon everything, including herself.

"Well," She says, though her own voice sounds like she is underwater. "At least I'm not dead."

With worry, she grabs up her knife again and shakes her head to ignore the ringing as it begins to dissipate. Her eyes flit back to where Astra is. She hopes no creatures bother the girl.

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