A better chance.

Max stood up from the ground brushing off the pieces of the creatures carcass that had landed on him. He quickly looked up to acknowledge if both Evie and Astra were ok. He was relieved to find them both doing the same thing as him.

“I’m glad to see you are both alright,” he said. Walking over toward his fallen friend he stared into his eyes. Both of them wide open from shock of the hellspawn creatures that must have surprised him. Just like they tried to do to himself earlier. Somberly, Max used his hand and closed both of the soldiers eyes to show respect.

“I’m not sure what those things are, but they had dragged the rest of my mens bodies down into the mine.” Max stood up cocking a tactical shot gun that he had picked up nearby. He walked up to Evie and held it out to her. “You have exceptional instincts and remarkable talent. I was wondering if you wanted to upgrade to one of these?” He motioned to the shot gun in his hand. “I’m going to go down there to find out where they took the rest of my men. If you would like to back me up I trust you, and would appreciate the help. I know what I said earlier, you and Astra can go, but I am going into that mine to eradicate those things,” he motioned to his injured shoulder. “But in my condition, just knowing you at my back gives me the encouragement that I have a better chance.”

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