the Pitch Black

Max, Evie, and Astra walked into the mine entrance. Max was surprised that the shapeshifter followed them into the mouth of the cave. She seemed more timid and not as robust a fighter as Evie. She stayed back a little ways, Most likely because she didn't trust Max, but it was obvious that she was curious too of what was up ahead in the darkness.

"RAARRRR!", they heard the growls echo from further down inside the mine. Roars that seemed to be getting fainter as they walked. Max shined a tactical flashlight down onto the ground. They were following what looked like bear foot prints and drag lines. Probably the bodies of Max's fallen comrades.

The sickness of what they witnessed earlier churned in his stomach. He needed to find where the beasts were taking the bodies and why?

"Electric Girl," Max asked Evie. "Have you ever seen anything like these things, or heard of their existence before?" Max noticed his flashlight start to dim as if the batteries were going to fail shortly. He shook it several times and smacked it against his hand to ensure it stayed lit.

The roars and grunts of the beasts was getting fainter and fainter, Max started to pick up the pace." We need to go a little quicker or we might lose them. These old mines were like mazes with their twisting tunnels. If you didn't have a map you could get lost forever in these mines.

Suddenly, without warning, they realized how pitch black the cavern really was when Max's flashlight went out!

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