Needle in a Haystack

Julius button his cufflink as he stepped out of the bathroom. "Wow, I mean, I almost forgot what it was like to take a shit without someone watching you. I got lonely, ya know." He bellowed, trying to make his associates as uncomfortable as possible.

"Listen freak, the only reason you're on this team, is because I allowed it. So I don't want you to speak unless you're spoken too, got it?" The squad leader tried to show Julius who was in charge... that wasn't gonna go over very well.

Julius raised an eyebrow and the corner of his mouth elevated just slightly. This expression was what one might call a shit eating grin. "I forgot your name... oh, right! Richard."

"No, that's Captain Kincaid to you freak!"

"Mm.. I see. Let me ask you a question Captain, do you smell that?" Julius asked sardonically.

"Smell what?" The Sgt asked.

"One of your men has urinated on themselves. They apparently had a lot of apple juice recently." Julius sneered.

"What? You're crazy, why would any of my men be pissing their pants?"

At that exact moment, Julius lifted his hand barely flicked his wrist to the left. The Captain was instantly lifted off his feet and launched into a nearby vehicle. The windows shattered, the door caved in and the car alarm sounded at once.

"If I had to guess.. it's because they've seen me do that before." Julius quipped.

The rest of the squad stood frozen, unsure how to respond. With their commanding officer unconscious, they had no real directions at the moment. The silence was almost deafening, but it was comically interrupted by a ring tone which played Hello, by Lionel Richie. Julius quickly fished into his pocket and retrieved a small flip phone, then answered it and put it to his ear.

"Eugene! Buddy! Yeah I was just about to call you- What? No he's not dead, what kind of animal do you take me for? I can't guarantee he'll ever walk again, but he'll live. You have my word. No I didn't- no, but he- ugh... fine. I won't do that to anymore of your men. Okay, fine I also won't incapacitate them by any other means. Yes, I got it, no loopholes. Fine, fine." Julius hung up the phone then turned to the squad, "Which one of you is Sgt. Ramirez?"

One of the squad members sheepishly stepped forward, "Uh, I am.."

"Wonderful, you're in charge now. My buddy Eugene told me to tell you that. So, let's go find ourselves a couple of super-powered angsty teenagers. Yeah? Road trip?" Julius wasn't the best at reading social cues.

"Uh okay, well.. uhm.. Captain Alpha's last known location was a forested area about 200 miles outside of the city. We can't take a helicopter because there's no place nearby the grid area to refuel. So I guess trucks it is." The Sgt responded.

"Uh..., I think I'll pass. I'll get a head start and you guys can catch up? Give me that." Julius grabbed the GPS tracker from the Sgt. "Oh look, coordinates, k bye." He said before kneeled down slightly, then sprang up, launching himself into the sky at near sonic speeds. There was a loud crack in the air as he vanished from sight.

The Sgt.'s phone began to ring the classic Nokia tone. He answered it.

"Did he fly away?" the director asked with a sigh.

"Well, as a matter of fact sir, yes. Yes he did." The Sgt responded with a tinge of humiliation.

"Just... follow the tracker. We knew this was probably going to happen. Keep the collateral damage to a minimum please. By the way, I called some medics to tend to Captain Kincaid. So don't worry. Just follow Mr. Maddox."

"Yes sir." The Sgt hung up the phone, then turned to his men. "So who wants Wendy's?"

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