The signature crack of a sonic boom echoed through the sky. Julius came to a rather forceful landing in the middle of a forest clearing. Sure enough, this is where the GPS had last pinged Cpt. Max Alpha's location. Unfortunately this was not the appropriate environment for his Burberry suit and Caliosi Italian wingtips. Julius grunted in disgust as he examined his surroundings.
"This definitely seems like the kind of place a shape-shifter would be hiding..." He mumbled to himself as he trekked through the dirt and brush. Julius navigated through the forestry, in search of any clues as to what happened to the Captain before he went radio silent. It wasn't long before he found a clue... a rather mortifying one at that.

"What... the hell... is that?!?" Julius exclaimed as he came upon the carcass of a most hideous creature. A vile mutant, which escapes words. The creature was charred, as though it had been struck by lightening. Julius counted at least six of these putrid beasts in his immediate vicinity. That number didn't include the body parts strewn about in all directions. Julius also found some of the men who'd been under the Captain's command. Well... parts of them anyway. Based on the general direction of the carnage, Julius had picked up a trail to follow. Thus far he had deduced the Captain tracked one of the metas to this location, likely the sparky one, given the condition of the mutants behind.

"Hmm... I wonder what awaits me in this direction." Julius then glibly journeyed deeper into the forest, although this time he was walking. Julius did not like to walk, as most of the time it a task both figuratively and literally beneath him.

"Oh Captain Maaaax!" Julius yelled out in a sing songy voice, "Where are youuu?"

He figured if there was anyone out here, they would hear him. He wasn't the most subtle person...

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