A Spark

Evie is silent as she listens to Max converse with Astra and concentrates on trying to form a tiny spark above her hand. Sadly, each time she accomplishes it, her joy is short lived because it just goes right back out. This pulls a frustrated sigh from her.

That is when she hears the call from outside the cave. It is soft, but she can hear another man's voice. Turning her gaze back toward the entrance of the cave, the girl's blood almost runs cold. "Uhm...Max..." Her voice is barely above a whisper. "Do you have someone else on the way here?"

A part of Evie wants to head right back out into the light outside this cave, but she refuses to leave these two alone. Sure, she is positive if any of the Captain's men survived the slaughter outside were brought here, they are most likely dead. That does not mean she will abandon people in need. She was raised on kindness...well, until her parents found out about what she is.

Gulping, she steps closer to Max and Astra, practically pressing to the man. Something in her gut says the one calling for him is far more dangerous. She cannot explain even to herself why she thinks this, but she does. One hand grips onto his shirt while the other works on creating another little spark. Come on. Just light up already! She thinks as she gets anotehr spark to pop up above her hand, only for it to go out.

Well, she does call on lightning, after all. Not fire.

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