Show yourself!

Max was hoping what Evie was mentioning was reinforcements from head quarters.

“Must be help from HQ..” Max explained as he pulled Astra’s tail firmly to motion that they were heading back to the mouth of the cave. The three made it to the opening and Max motioned to the girls to hide against the cave wall out of sight. “This might not be good for you two. I will try to clear whatever threat of capture so you can escape. I give you my word….You can trust me.”

Captain Max Alpha stepped into the sunlight of the forest clearing from the Mine’s entrance. His rifle in one hand. His shoulder numb and feeling good from the medication he had taken earlier. He wasn’t sure if this was help or a threat. He didn’t hear any helicopters in the area which was a sign that this might not be a government superhuman cap-team.

He called out to whoever might be around.

“Hey! This is Captain Max Alpha! My men and I could use some help! If you can hear me show yourself!”

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