Lightning Strike

Evie suddenly feels panic beginning to settle in at Julius' last words and her heart pounds so loudly she is worried he may hear it. Hugging the shapeshifter Astra, she contemplates what to do. This man was smart and probably already knew she and Astra were here. It might be why he so stubbornly intends to help Max.

She does not wish to risk Max suffering for her mistakes. Pulling from Astra, she looks downa t her hands and concentrates with all her will. The electrical current burns inside her, almost becoming painful as she sends it to her hands. If she does not pass out from this it will be a miracle.

Stepping out, she does not realize what she must look like. Lightning twists and turns around her, shooting out, but coming back as if it is jabbing at the air in sword-like fashion. Her heart is beating fast - too fast. Paying this obvious bad news no mind she swings one hand toward Julius and sends half the lightning toward him.

Unable to tell if he dodges or not, she tosses the other. Darkness is biting at the edges of her vision, the world going blurry. This is bad, very bad, but what can she do. She merely wants to help Max. It is a miracle she is still standing. Is she, though?

The world is spinning and all she can see are blurry colors and shapes.

"I don't feel good..." She whispers just before the darkness envelopes her.

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