Never Strikes Twice

As Julius steps near the entrance to the mine, he feels the hairs on his neck stand straight up... like he was about to be hit by lightning. At that exact moment a young, scraggly looking girl steps out of the mine flings her arms straight out. Julius reacts, but he's not faster than light. Before he can fully generate his telekinetic barrier, the bolt sears straight through his chest and sends him flying backward into a nearby tree, which explodes into tiny splinters. His ears are ringing at this point, and his vision has blurred.

Julius slowly stands up, shakily. He collects himself and looks down at his wound. Using his telekinetic abilities, he concentrates on his cells, forcing them to regenerate faster. After several seconds, the wound begins to dissipate. Unfortunately, he can't reverse entropy, so there will definitely be a scar. Not to mention his suit was ruined, which was the real tragedy in all of this.

He looks back and sees the girl collapse, apparently from exhaustion. Julius chuckles, then holds his hand just above his shoulder. With the twitch of a few fingers, the splinters of the tree began to levitate, then they pointed directly at the captain.

"Oh Max... you have some 'splaining to do my friend."

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