Recover our Brethren!

Capt. Max Alpha watched Evie collapse and start to fall towards the ground. Instinctually, in one swoop Max ran over, caught Evie, and dove back into the cave entrance. He covered the girls to protect both of them from the upcoming attack. He knew Julius had no level of compassion and Max braced for impact.

In an attempt to try and reason with Julius, Max shouted out hoping Julius might stop his attack.

“Enough Julius! These two are not our immediate threat. In fact they were both going to assist me in recovering survivors from what ever the hell is inside that mine!”

Almost as if on cue, a large number of growls and roars could be heard from down inside the mine. The parties heads, including Julius, all turned to stare into the darkness of the mine.

Then the faint scream of a man. One of Max’s soldiers crying for help, full of terror and obviously in an intense amount of pain. Max couldn’t recognize who. Desperate to act Max turned back to confront Julius.

“SEE! My men are down there and need our assistance. I’m positive the director would rather have us investigate the threat, eliminate the threat, and recover our brethren before fighting amongst ourselves!”

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