Piritta had decided to take up caving. It had always sounded interesting in the youtube videos. And it was interesting, until she came across the ugliest bear in the world which promptly attacked her. Piritta had gotten lucky by choking the bear to death with her heavy duty flashlight. Unfortunately she did this by shoving her flashlight down the bear's throat when it tried mauling her and it destroyed her best flashlight. Her arm got mangled too which was painful and annoying to have to bandage her arm almost to the elbow with only the light of a novelty keychain flashlight that had to be pressed to stay lit. She had to hold the thing in her teeth because she needed at least one hand to wrap the bandage, and had to tie it off in complete darkness.

She should have left the cave then, probably would have been a good idea to get some medical attention, maybe a series of rabies boosters, a tetanus shot. But Piritta was not going to let something as small as a gigantic bear get in the way of her caving. She wiped her drool off her keychain flashlight and rooted through her backpack for her knife. She doubted that there could be more than one bear in here but just in case it would be nice to have a weapon ready instead of a tiny flashlight. She thought about skinning the bear, but its coat looked mangy and she decided it would not be worth it.

She continued exploring. It was a mine and not a natural cave but it still was interesting. Piritta found an old rusty mining helmet with a dent in it. Of course the light on it was dead but she thought it was cool so she put it on. It went well with her (now dirty and blood stained) sky blue t-shirt and jean shorts.

Then Piritta heard noises. She realized that she was not alone in these caves. Another bear? The growling sounded like more than one bear but she also heard voices. Piritta frowned. It sounded like someone calling for help. Piritta had enjoyed her solitude, being on the run from the government breeding paranoia did that to a person. But she could not just leave someone to die in this place, probably getting slowly eaten alive by a bear. She continued along until she came to an intersection of tunnels, it sounded like voices were coming from all of them. Piritta had no idea which tunnel they were coming from, nor where each tunnel went- it's not like she got a map for the caves before starting, she wasn't a professional caver and certainly was not going to become one at this rate (or an old caver). If she had a decent flashlight she may have been able to see the tracks and blood on the ground and know which way to go, but of course she did not and chose a tunnel at random.

OOC> Moi kaikki! So I guess Piritta can either wander into the group or she can be found where the bears are. It might be healthier for Piritta to be found by the group first, otherwise this will be a very short character introduction.

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