Evie is in and out of consciousness as she hears a familiar voice yelling. The darkness around her comes and goes as she fights the fogginess trying to envelope her mind. A hand reaches out and feels fabric beneath her palm, fingers curling and grabbing at it.

"Max?" She murmurs, hoping she is correct in her assumption. Blinking her eyes, she tries to focus, but the man keeping her safe is a blur of colors and the darkness of the cave beyond. The sounds of growls alerts her of the danger and she attempts to move more, but pain courses throughout her entire body.

I've pushed myself too far. She thinks and shakes slightly. Nausea begins to kick in, something that always happens when she pushes herself too far. Attacking that man, Julius, was a mistake, but she did not want him to keep throwing threats at Max.

"I'm sorry," She whispers to him. "They're coming..."

By "they're" she means the monsters.

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