Pest Control

Julius stared at Max, as he shielded the young girl with his body. Max was a born and bred soldier, so Julius found it incredibly odd that a person who was genetically engineered to follow orders... wasn't.

He heard the scream, and the growls. Those monsters were definitely coming for them. Perhaps Max was right... deal with the immediate threat first then he could deal with them.

Julius didn't get much time to ponder the issue before two of the hideous creatures came barreling out of the mine, directly at Max and the girl. Without even thinking, Julius launched those massive splinters towards the beasts at roughly the speed of sound. Despite their size, the barrage of wood shrapnel tore through the mutants without much compromise. The first two beasts were down for the count. Then two more emerged, just as ravenous as their predecessors. Julius lifted one high into the air, then slammed it down on the other with enough force one of them practically exploded.

And then another came... then another... then another.

"You guys are free to pitch in any time ya know." Julius sneered as he attempted to fight back the horde.

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