Meanwhile... In a deeper part of the mine.

Piritta held on for dear life, but felt her grip starting to slip.

Moments ago Piritta had heard the growls and movement from deeper inside the mine. In a rush to head back towards where she entered the mine her foot slipped on something wet beneath her.

She screamed out in surprise as she flailed her arms feeling for something to grab onto. It had been so dark inside the mine she didn't even notice she was walking next to a chasm!

She felt her body slide off of the wet slippery edge and travel a short distance along the wall and stop. Her arm was so sore from the attack earlier, but still holding on.

What was she going to do? Was she going to die down here? She didn't want it to end like this. Her mind was racing, trying to formulate a plan. Then she heard the voice from below.

"Hello?" It was a man's voice, obviously in pain. "Hello is someone there? I need help"

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