A thankful rage

Capt. Max Alpha watched the beasts fall back as the wooden shrapnel entered the creatures bodies. The screams echoing off the walls of the mine were deafening. At that moment he saw his chance and reached down picking up both of the girls.

Heroically Max ran behind Julius towards the cover of some trees. As he passed Julius he barked out "Maddox hold them off for a moment would you? Then I will join you."

Max ran behind the cover of a couple of trees and set the girls down softly hoping not to injure them. Evie's head moved back up and opened her eyes and gazed at Max somewhat confused.

"Shh.." Max whispered, "Looks like you're exhausted. Let Julius and I handle this part. Rest for now we will need your help later." Max gently rest her head back down against the tree.

Max swung his automatic rifle over from behind his back as he ran up and stood next to Julius. The only thing he said was, "Julius, Thank you!"

Capt. Max Alpha began to fire his weapon in disciplined rage at the monsters. Mowing down anything moving inside the mouth of the cave.

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