Determination Of A Tired Soul

Evie tries to protest, but Max is gone by the time she had enough strength to lift her hand. Letting out a heavy sigh, she turns her eyes toward the canopy of trees above. Leaves slowly fall and dance in twirls as if it is snowing. Slowly dropping her hand to her lap, recalls a memory where she would dance in the snow, feel joy as her family welcomed her home to a warm cup of chocolate milk. Her father would pull her into his arms and hug-

She snaps back to reality at the sound of gunshots and recalls the gun still held in one of her hands that Max gave her. It's a powerful shotgun and will probably work better against this things.

"Astra, I'm going to go help..." Evie says through a hiss as she rises to her feet. With a slow turn and tired movements, she makes her way to the two men. It is right in time, too.

She turns just as she steps next to them, knocking back one of the beasts with a shot to its face. Her breathing is ragged and she feels a bit dizzy, but she focuses and readies to shoot again if need be.

"You forgot this," She says sarcastically to Max, but her eyes glance toward Julius with obvious fear. That man scares her more than the beasties they face.

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