The beasts piled out of the mine, one after another. Each one more hideous and deformed than the last. Julius tossed most of them around like rag dolls, but he could only focus on a couple at a time. Fortunately, Max began mowing down the ones who slipped passed Julius' psychic barrier.

Julius ripped the head off of one here, disemboweled another there. Sometimes he got creative by tearing the arms and legs off the creatures. All of this he did with simple hand gestures, like the conductor of a symphony. The ones Julius missed, Max cut down with a flurry of automatic rifle fire. These beasts were big, but several rounds of .308 WIN through the chest was enough to stop an elephant. After a few minutes of horrifying carnage, no more beasts came out. Dozens of dismembered bodies lay in a pool of blood just beyond the entrance.

"Well, that was fun. We should do it again sometime." Julius said with a chuckle. Then he turned to Max again and slightly extended his hand. Max's rifle flew from his grasp and into Julius' hand. "I don't care to be shot in the back. Its not that I don't trust you... well... yeah actually I don't trust you."

Julius glanced at the young girl, her face paralyzed with fear. He hated that... people being afraid of him. Before this bullshit with the agency, people were awed by him, amazed. They applauded his tricks and abilities. Ever since he went dark side, people have only looked at him with hate and terror. Something about that left an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I don't know what's going on here, but I would definitely like an explanation..." Julius said as he tossed the rifle to the ground just before Max's feet.

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