OOC - Thank you for your patience and interest.

Hey guys.... I truly do apologize.

This new job has been a blessing, and a curse. I am making good money and often asked to work overtime. Which then means, I need my spare time to take care of my regular life maintenance taking care of home, family, and night classes.
I appreciate you holding out and truly appreciate your patience.

I don't want to be one of those mods..well you know.. that lets a game die. Especially this little world we are building. I like to think of the games Dangerous and Dangerous Too to be in the same universe and in the same timeline. In fact I would like to keep membership low so we can move gameplay (hahaha....sry..bad joke.) So instead of having one game with many players and characters, we have two or more games with smaller groups of players. As time goes by I would like to see the characters crossover occasionally and adventure in the other games, and see other big events impact the other games. Imagine these games like a Comic Book universe and you are the heroes.

Like I said in the title and earlier. Thank you for you patience. I know the frustration of joining a game and waiting FOREVERRRRR, but now I am seeing first hand probably why games fall to the wayside. I can only promise to do my best to keep up.

Thanks to LW for reaching out to me on Discord to let me know how much interest is still in the games. It makes me feel that this little world we are building means something more to everybody, which makes it mean more to me.

With that being said, Let me cut this short and get into the game. :)

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