One threat leads to another?

Max watched his rifle hit the ground.

Just a second ago he had it in his hands firing at a common enemy. Then after the enemy had been dealt with, without a seconds notice, Julius Maddox took his weapon out of his hands without even moving. As if he just willed it from his grip.

Max looked at Evie, who still was standing close to Julius and himself, concerned with what Julius might do if he was really sent here to help Max and his men capture the supposed meta threats. Max felt again, the threat had changed from the hellspawn creatures that had crawled out of the darkness, to the man who was just standing shoulder to shoulder with him and Evie.

"Okay," Max stepped back. "Yes, we were sent to capture the shapeshifter." Max motioned over to the girl who had been silent and hidden to avoid danger. He continued his explanation.
"She unfortunately is having a bad reaction to the tranquilizer that I pumped into her earlier. She is pretty much catatonic." Max stepped around Julius and closer to Evie. He wanted to be in between Julius and her in case he decided to act on Max's suspicion.
Max raised a thumb in her direction and continued.

"She came along and cared for the shapeshifter. I don't think she knew her prior, but she is a compassionate individual. Infact, she offered to help me with rescuing my men who have been dragged deeper into the cave. I have to go in there Maddox, I have to try and save who I can."

He analyzed Julius's face for any sort of sympathy or understanding. Max had every intention of helping Evie and Astra escape Julius if he tried to capture them. He looked into Julius eyes and questioned him.

"I'm going into the mine, and I am accepting this girls help. She has proven herself in combat against these monsters. The real question Maddox, is are you going to help us?" Max went to pick his rifle back up off the ground. The whole time looking at Julius face for any type of response.

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