Running is all Evie knows. Ever since she was a little girl it is all she's been doing and continues to do. Currently in a forest, she looks around with curious eyes, hugging her jacket close. She can swear she keeps hearing voices, but from where?

Who is it?

Are they safe or another hunter?

She does not know and wishes not to know.

This is when she sees a man stepping into a cave and soon hears him making threats to someone. Is it just a normal person? No, she can hear him talking about someone being invisible.

Evie hesitates for a second as she stares at the cave entrance. Can she risk this again? Helping someone else? Being lucky enough to escape will only last so long.

Sadly, her feet and voice make the choice for her. Walking into the cave, she calls to the man. "Hey!" Her voice comes out as almost a squeak and she covers her mouth.

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