In a burst

“Cough Cough Cough…owwww,” the man coughed and obviously it was painful. “Hold on let me take this off.” Piritta could hear rustling of some sort.

Piritta turned in the direction of the rustle and suddenly witnessed a 2 second burst of light blinding her. It illuminated the cavern and in that short time she saw what she thought was a military man lying up against the cavern wall obviously injured. A pool of blood had started to accumulate at the base of his body. The man began to chuckle, hack, and cough. With physical effort he answered Piritta‘s question.

“I guess I could have warned you about that too.” He hacked a combination of laughter and painful grunting. He spoke again, “This damn Megacorp imported shit flashlight. It only stays on for an instant and shuts off. It broke while I was being dragged down here by those..those…I don’t know.” He began to hack again and requested something of her.

“I apologize, but would you be a darling and get the flask from my pack? I have no feeling in my back or lower legs. I can only move my shoulders and work my hands and arms slightly. I’m surprised I can breathe, but I guess in a little bit that really won’t matter. Here you can use these to help you out.” The man did his best to hold out the pair of night vision goggles to her.

“They aren’t the best..Cough…Cough. I think they might be Megacorp made as well. Piece of shit.”

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