OOC - Dangerous universe: An explanation.

The game Dangerous was initially created by Lily. I joined and we started playing with DancingPenguin. Lily had to step away for a bit to take care of real life. She made DancingPenguin and myself the moderators of Dangerous.
At this time I thought I might create a spin off game inside the same world as Dangerous. This game is called Dangerous Too, it will run in the same universe as Dangerous and in the same time period. Just different characters and setting.

Smaller games mean less people to have to wait for turns and the game can move at a quicker pace.

Eventually I hope to move characters around from one game to another and have events in one game effect the others.

So I deleted both Julius Maddox and Evie from the Dangerous Too game since they both exist in Dangerous.

Dangerous Too will exist in the same world, just a different goal, characters, and plot.

Right now, Dangerous has a unlikely party of characters dealing with a threat inside the depths of the earth.

Dangerous Too presently has a spotlight on the head of the Megacorp CEO secretly putting together a separate team of superpowers to aid in their corporate interests.

I want to work with all of you on creating this world, so if you have ideas or suggestions reach out to me.

Discord seems to work pretty good for me, but an email should work fine.



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