Fight or Flight Reflex

Evie shifts in discomfort and contemplates returning to Astra. She wants to run, to escape capture, but a part of her feels that will never happen. This man is going to take her away and lock her up where they'll do only-God-knows what to her.

"I never thought I'd see the day when one of the agent would help a meta, or vice versa..." Julius said bluntly as he examined Max and the girl. They appeared to trust each other. Must be nice... Julius exhaled loudly before backing away, "Go on, rescue your men. But when you're done, I expect you'll do your job and help me take these girls into custody. I'll be waiting out here for your safe return..."

Julius' words only solidify this for Evie. Turning her pale blue eyes on him, she frowns and starts to edge her way toward Astra.

If she was going to be taken away, she would fight the entire time...

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