The girl and the pack

"Lepää rauhassa." Piritta breathed. Then the bag started moving again. She could not imagine it being anything good. Figures a guy would leave her a bag full of all kinds of useful things, only for there to be something alive and nasty in the bag too. She instinctively backed away from the bag until her back touched the ledge she had fallen from earlier. She felt the debris from the ledge with her foot until she found a stick and picked it up. The stick was about 60cm long, about twice as thick as her thumb. She wished it was longer and thicker but what else could she expect? Snake tongs?
Piritta approached the bag with her stick held in front of her. She used the stick to open the bag's flap, then began rooting into the bag with her stick, hoping that she could get whatever creature it was out of the bag and it would be more afraid of her than wanting to bite or whatever on her.

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