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Summary: Pirate Scum

Hondo Ohnaka

Gender: Male

Age: ~33

Group: Star Wars-Revenge of Sith


Originally Sriluur later Florrum


Pirate and smuggler

Physical Appearance

Personality and interests

Hondo Ohnaka was a self-centered, avaricious pirate who was solely concerned with getting the best business deal for himself. His avarice led him to kidnap and ransom several high profile prisoners during the Clone Wars including Count Dooku, and the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano. These characteristics occasionally brought him into trouble with the Jedi, the Republic, the Separatists, and even his own men who attempted to emulate his behavior to advance their own interests. Ohnaka carried his avaricious and treacherous nature into the Age of the Empire by exploiting and betraying several "business partners" he collaborated with including Cikatro Vizago, Ezra Bridger and the Lasat refugees Chava and Gron. He believed every situation had the chance to be turned into one that could generate profits.

Despite his avarice and treacherous nature, Ohnaka was still capable of honor and courage. On one occasion, he successfully convinced the young bounty hunter Boba Fett to reveal the location of two Republic hostages by telling Boba that it was the honorable thing to do, and calmly affirming that it what his father Jango would have done. On a later occasion, he joined forces with his former Jedi prisoner Ahsoka and several Jedi younglings to fight off General Grievous and his droid forces. Ohnaka admired the courage and devotion of the Jedi younglings, particularly the youngling Katooni. Ohnaka also had a reputation as a reliable businessman who kept his word. He honored his promise to deliver several rocket launchers to General Skywalker's beleaguered Republic forces and their allies on Onderon. And, despite selling out the Rebels for a profit, Ohnaka didn't run off immediately. He warned Ezra of the incoming stormtroopers and helped the Rebels escape, showing that even though Ohnaka was keen to make a profit, he still didn't want any harm to come to Ezra. In fact, Ohnaka later affirmed that there was nothing he would not do to help Ezra.

Ohnaka also had a romantic relationship with the bounty hunter Aurra Sing, whom he secretly rescued after her ship had been shot down by Jedi forces. In addition, Hondo could speak Ugnaught which helped him to befriend several Ugnaught laborers including Terba. He used his command of the Ugnaught language to convince the Ugnaught laborers at Reklam Station to help the rebels steal Y-wing starfighters and to accept him as their leader. Ohnaka was also skilled at linking other people's interests to his own goals and ambitions. He sold the Phoenix Group information about Y-wing starfighters at Reklam Station in return for gaining a ship and crew. In the end, the rebels did not have to pay Hondo directly because he found a ship and crew at Reklam Station himself.

After the rise of the Empire, his pirate gang was wiped out. He is the sole survivor.


Weequay blaster pistol

Droid: R5-P8 (modified with a blaster pistol on the top of his head)

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Image of Hondo Ohnaka
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