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Summary: Ahsoka's Foil

Asajj Ventress

Gender: Female

Age: 39

Group: Star Wars-Revenge of Sith




Nightsister & Bounty Hunter

Former Jedi Padawan, slave, Sith Apprentice, & Sith Assassin

Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance:

Bounty Hunter outfit:

Personality and interests

As a child Ventress was kind and caring, but became dark and brooding after the death of her master, Ky Narec. Giving in to rage and resentment, she subsequently spiraled into darkness and developed a strong will to survive. For a time, she heard the voice of Narec in her mind, urging her away from the dark side. However, after learning Narec had been the one who killed Hal'Sted, she rejected his guidance, giving herself fully to her anger.

Known to be quick to anger, Ventress could easily be infuriated, such as when her formidable lightsaber skills were described to her as those of an amateur by Luminara Unduli. Despite her quick temper, she was very cunning and swift, allowing her to outsmart most foes.

Ventress could also be vindictive and inconsiderate. After being betrayed, abandoned and nearly killed by Dooku, Ventress desired to kill him and went to the Nightsisters to find a way to defeat her former master. She recruited Savage Opress and treated him like a slave, which ultimately caused him to turn against her.

After becoming a bounty hunter, her attitude softened somewhat, as seen when she allowed Pluma Sodi to return to her people. Likewise, she lost interest in killing some of her former enemies, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano. In fact, she rescued Kenobi from Darth Maul and Opress, more interested in the latter's bounty reward than her previous enmity with the Jedi Master. On the other hand, she helped Tano, as she empathized with the Padawan's situation, likening it to her own with Count Dooku. She also incapacitated a group of clones without seriously harming any of them, and implied that not killing people was her new modus operandi. As she distanced herself more and more from her time under Dooku, Ventress, to highlight her misunderstood status, used a snake as the icon on her bounty hunter armor; they were thought to be evil, even when they were not.

Glad to have a reason to have a new weapon after losing her red ones on Coruscant, she came to wield a unique lightsaber with a pale yellow blade. The color reassured Ventress that she had indeed left behind her life as a pawn of the Sith. Additionally, its yellow color equally showed her she had not been pushed towards the Jedi; Ventress's lightsaber showed she was no Jedi nor Sith, she was simply herself.

Needing to pretend to be a captured Jedi to fool the Ohnaka Gang was not a part she was rather comfortable taking on, but she did so nevertheless, and her yellow lightsaber—the design of which was symbolic of her state of mind—made the act more convincing. Near the end of the war, as she traveled with Quinlan Vos to assassinate Count Dooku, her more compassionate and trusting side was even more strengthened—to the point of her developing a romantic attraction to him, with the two eventually becoming lovers. In the end, when Vos sacrificed himself to save her, who was influenced by the dark side, fully redeeming herself into the light. The fact that she died on a mission to assassinate her former mentor was considered ironic, but her actions returned her to the light side of the Force.


Her history remains the same up until the final confrontation with Count Dooku. Instead of Dooku attempting to kill Quinlan Vos and Asajj taking the hit, he attempted to kill Asajj, and Vos took the hit. With Obi-Wan, they buried Vos on his home world of Kiffu.

After burying Vos she buried herself in her work. She felt a disturbance in the Force when Order 66 was executed. Since then she’s been keeping a low profile just collecting bounties.


Bounty hunter outfit
Harness for an ID10 seeker droid to mount on her back
* Yellow blade
Quinlan Vos’ Lightsaber:
* Green blade

Droid: ID10 seeker droid
T3-C4 a T3-series utility droid and BD-2 a BD unit

Ship: Banshee a modified Lancer-class pursuit craft from MandalMotors

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