Revenge of the Sith: No humanoid trafficking allowed

"Hondo was never part of our deal. If you want to hire us to bring Hondo to you that is another story. Unless you want to enslave him, then we will have major problems. Republic-made trackers is also the easiest for the Empire to use even if they didn't plan on it. They can easily pick up on one of their signals."

As soon as Jaek opened the bag and a bomb didn't explode and no poison gas escaped she knew the bag was safe. The contents she wasn't so sure about. They could have been easily been tampered with. She picked her lightsabers up with the Force and set them down inside the ship. She tapped into her communicator a message to the droids to check them out for any traps, listening devices, or trackers.

While Ahsoka was dealing with her lightsabers Rex was watching Grakkus. He was being shifty. He leaned into Ahsoka and warned her.

She followed him. She kept her eyes on Grakkus. He was nervous. She couldn't see his eyes but she knew they were darting around looking for someone or something. She sent a message to the droids to forget about her lightsabers to concentrate on having the Siren ready to go at a moment's notice. She spoke softly to Altus & Rex. "Be prepared for a firefight. I doubt Vader is here. He wouldn't hide behind this Hutt or anyone else."

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