After Serenity: Work Life Balance

"Most Companions don't enjoy the benefits of a boyfriend or girlfriend because most people can't handle the job. They may pursue it after they retire or take up the job of training the next generation. Some have taken on a single client full time, but that is extremely rare and only affordable to the extremely wealthy. Besides a tussle in the sheets, we also provide a form of psychotherapy. There have been clients who have never taken a Companion to bed. If we are to make this work, it will require work, understanding, forgiveness, and the ability to admit when we have been wrong on both sides."


As Simon walked away Kaylee gave him a wolf whistle. “Hate to see you leave but love to watch you go. 'Cause of your butt.” She gave him another wolf whistle. Then the ship clanged again. She fixed her overalls and began working on the problem.


River stopped off to see Zoe. "How are you doing?"

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