Revenge of the Sith: A different enemy and a strange ally

Their ship began to rattle and the landing gear ripped away from it. This sent the ship flat to the ground and blocking the ramp back up. A squad of stormtroopers appeared above pointing blasters down and a flurry of movement and a sole person then stood in front of them.

"Hello Ahsoka Tano, the Emperor and Darth Vader would be most pleased to speak with you. You can come peacefully, even keep your lightsabers on you - your friends too - but show any signs of aggression and we'll be forced to do this the hard way," the tall, pale Pau'an said.

"This is my city - who do you think you are?!" Grakkus bellowed.

Then everyone heard a blaster charge.

Then looked toward the sound and saw Jaek with a blaster - the Pau'an might have tossed it to him on entry - and that blaster was pointed right at Grakkus. "Shut up you SLUG! I can kill you just as easy as keep you captive and as a safeguard from retribution from the other Hutts."

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