Revenge of the Sith: Standoff

"Well this took an interesting turn" Altus replied casually his hands raised in a calm manner. Despite this he was ready to fight their way out of here if needed.

" Looks like it was a worm instead of the slug that set us up what do you want to do?" He asked Ahsoka his eyes scanning the room and counting the enemies surrounding them.

Barriss kept quiet during the trip, her mind worrying on Ahsoka, Rex, and Altus hoping that they would return safely. As the ship continued through hyperspace she overheard Kanan inquire about employment to Hondo. She couldn't blame him for wanting to find himself in a post Jedi galaxy, it was a question she herself was plagued with.

Looking at the holocrons Altus had entrusted her with, she decided that if possible she would help him preserve the order in any way she could.

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